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                                            Unique Features                                                                                                                       Style Guide

                           SOFT CLOSE DOORS / DRAWERS
                           Soft close doors / drawers reduce the amount of maintenance and adds life
                           longevity to your furniture by lessening the stress on hinges and hinge plates.

                           CHOICE OF HANDLES
                           We aim to give you that bespoke custom feel by offering a variety of handles,                                          CADENCE   14    FORUM      24    LUCCA      26    RIMINI    34    MIRAE      44
                           whether it’s ultra modern or more traditional style, we have it covered.

                           STORAGE BOX OPTIONS
                           A simple and contemporary storage solution. Our modular boxes design is cleverly proportioned
                           to fit seamlessly in your furniture drawers. These functional units are ideal for housing bathroom
                           essentials, sundries and smaller accessories, with lidded options for your convenience.

                           PUSH TO OPEN
                           No need for handles or knobs. The telescopic drawer slide gives full access                                            ATHENS    46    K STORE    50    BARCA      52    PLAZZA    53    LOTTI      54
                           to the drawer and also has a disconnect option for easy installation and removal.

                           SHORT PROJECTION
                           The perfect choice for those looking to gain some extra space in their bathroom, this
                           option gives a slim depth unit while not compromising on functionality. These units are
                           designed not to protrude as far as standard depth units and therefore take up less floor
                           space in the bathroom.

                           WORKTOP BOWL OPTION
                           Giving you even more choice to your furniture we have included a selection of a worktops and                           COMPASS   56    AURORA     60    TEMPO      62    KALOS     66    TORRIAN    68
                           a variety of styled vessel basins and not limiting your choice to the traditional ceramic basin.

                           WORKTOP UNDERSLUNG BASIN
                           To offer additional options for you, we have included a choice of a worktops and
                           under-mounted basins. This option is designed with style in mind but also to give
                           space and functionality back to a busy bathroom environment

                           CERAMIC BASIN
                           Units supplied with a ceramic basin option; Ceramic Basins offer durability in your                                    MINIMALIST 70   FARO       72    ESTANTE    73    MATCH     74    LANSDOWN 76
                           bathroom. Ceramic sinks have an extremely strong surface that is resistant to scratching,
                           chipping, and impacts, which makes them able to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

                           ISOCAST BASIN
                           Units are supplied with an isocast basin, these isocast basins give a slick and
                           precise finish to sit proudly on top of the furniture. Each basin is made to perfection
                           ensuring the basin and unit combination are the design feature of any bathroom.

                           LIGHTING OPTIONS
                           A convenient strip lighting kit. Perfect for brightening dark in-drawer                                                VITORIA   84    DUKE       86
                           spaces and helping you find bathroom essentials quickly and easily.

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